Secure Pipit 500 In Home Energy Display + PSU Boxed


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Item Features
The Pipit 500 in-home display (IHD) provides the information you need to understand and manage your energy usage
Understanding how you use energy enable to make choices about reducing your consumption and your energy bills, while maintaining a comfort level that suits your lifestyle
Pipit 500 IHD works with your Smart Meter to keep you informed about your energy usage and cost
Pipit 500 communicates wirelessly only with the Smart Meter with which it has been paired, so your data is safe and secure
ZigBee certified product
White Colour

Item Accessories
UK Mains Power Supply
Wall Mounting Back Cover
Boxed with Instructions

Item Condition
Condition = Faulty / Spares / Repairs
Grade = C
A few marks / scratches / cosmetic damage
The unit does power on and the display seems to work fine
We are unable to verify if it can connect to another device
There may be other faults we are unable to diagnose
Sold Strictly as Faulty / Spares / Repairs with NO Returns


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