Cisco SG300-20 Rackmount 1U 20 Port Gigabit Managed Switch Used


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Item Features
The Cisco SG300-20? Switch is an affordable, high-performance, easy to manage device that’s designed specifically for small businesses
This 20-port managed switch boosts network performance and supports high-bandwidth applications for an efficient, productive workplace
Part of the Cisco 300 Series of Cisco switches, the SG 300-20 provides energy-saving, security, and advanced network features to support a small business network
Fast, reliable access to the resources you need

With 20 10/100/1000 ports, including two combination mini-GBIC ports, the SG300-20 Switch allows you to connect small office devices, such as computers, printers, and wireless access points, and multiple switches to each other, giving employees fast, reliable access to the resources they need
Gigabit Ethernet connectivity provides optimal network performance, ensuring availability of your business-critical applications
The SG 300-20 Switch also provides the flexibility you need to interconnect a variety of devices across your network, including voice, security, and wireless solutions
In addition, this device offers several advanced networking features, including support for Layer 3 switching between VLANs for advanced traffic management as well as IPv6, remote management, and dual images support

Built-in security keeps your network and data safe
The SG300-20 includes a number of security features that let you tightly control access to your network, safeguarding the integrity of your data. Using access control lists (ACLs), you can authenticate and regulate new connections to your network, keeping unwanted users away from your business-critical information
With this device, you also can segment your network and provide a secure section for visitors by using the integrated guest VLAN capability
In addition to strong security features, the SG 300-20 Switch provides business-class communication capabilities, such as support for IP telephony
If you already have IP phones connected to your company’s network, the switch will automatically configure the phones with the correct VLAN and quality-of-service (QoS) parameters to prioritize voice traffic

It just works so you can focus on your business
The SG 300-20 is an eco-friendly switch that’s been designed to conserve energy, which will save you money
The switch uses low-power chipsets and other “green” features to help protect the environment and optimize power consumption without compromising performance
And a fanless design further reduces energy costs while enabling quieter operation
Cisco designed the SG 300-20 Switch to be easy to configure and to manage. Intuitive browser-based tools and mass deployment capabilities speed setup and reduce the amount of time you need to spend on network management tasks, such as QoS traffic prioritization

Cisco SG300-20 Features:
20 ports of Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) connectivity deliver excellent performance for high-bandwidth applications
2 combination mini-GBIC ports support fiber-optic or Gigabit Ethernet uplink connectivity, allowing you to easily connect switches around the workplace
Integrated IP telephony support automatically configures connected IP phones with the correct VLAN and quality-of-service (QoS) parameters to prioritize voice traffic
Advanced security features, including access control lists (ACLs) and guest VLANs, allow users to tightly control small business networks
Energy-efficient features such as low-power chipsets and a fanless design help reduce power consumption and enables quieter operation

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Condition = Used
Grade = C
A few marks / scratches / cosmetic damage (See pictures)
Fully tested and working
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