Omnitronic PM-524 EL 3 Channel DJ Mixer


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Item Features
Channels 1-3 on the frontpanel switchable between phono, line or mic
Mic 1 microphone-input via unbalanced XLR-socket on the frontpanel
Mic 2 and Mic 3 microphone-input via 1/4″ mono-jack on the rearpanel
Input-sensitivity-control (gain) for each channel
3-fold, separate tone-control (bass, middle, treble) for each channel with extremely wide range
Killfunction (attenuated to -30 dB) and F/X-function (enforced to +15 dB) possible
High-quality and super-smooth ALPS-channel-faders
Super-smooth ALPS-crossfader replaceable from above
Crossfader for mixing channel 1, 2 and 3 (Crossfader Assign-button)
2 beat-indicators at the crossfader for perfect mixing
3 LED-level-displays (master-out L/R and Cue Level)
Headphones-connection on the frontpanel
Headphones-output adjustable via Cue Level-control
Additional Cue Split/Cue Mix-button
Cue Split-function: the Cue-signal is on the one side of the headphones and the output-signal on the other side
Cue Mix-function: the adjustable mix of Cue-signal and output-signal is on both sides of the headphones
Mixing of the headphones-signal possible via cue mixing-fader
Output signal adjustable via master-control and balance-control
Master-Out, Booth-Out and Rec-Out via 2 RCA-sockets each
Rec-Out independent from Master-level for records with static level
Separately controllable monitor-output (DJ-booth) for connecting active-speakers or an additional amplifier
High-grade multi-function-mixer with a convincing sound

Item Accessories

Item Condition
Condition = Faulty / Spares / Repairs
Grade = C
A few marks / scratches / cosmetic damage
The headphone port is faulty and cuts out sometimes
The channel faders cut out / go to mono when all the way at the top
The Cue / Split button gets stuck when you press it in
The volume is really low on the CUE side compared to the PGM when mixing throug the headphones
The unit has been opened previously
Untested Further
There may be other faults we are unable to diagnose
Sold strictly as Faulty / Spares / Repairs with NO Returns
NO Cables / Accessories Included


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