11:14 Elevenfourteen DVD PAL Region 2 (Rental Copy) New Sealed


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Item Features
Suspense drama whose format plays with time
In Middletown, at 11:14 PM, two cars are involved in accidents at precisely the same time
A drunk driver hits a man near a bridge on a rural route and a car containing three young men hits a van containing a young woman
One of the male passengers sustains a severed penis while a completely unconnected male who happens to be on the road, shoots them
Meanwhile a young man robs a convenience store with the support of the clerk; a man finds a body in a cemetery and gets rid of it and a young pregnant woman tries to raise money for an abortion
These seemingly disparate and random happenings are all connected

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Item Condition
Condition = Brand New Sealed
Grade = Brand New Sealed
Please Note: This is an Brand New Sealed Ex Rental Copy of the film and the only available Spoken Language / Subtitles is English


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