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Mel Gibson’s highly respected and multi-Oscar nominated historical epic set in the ancient Mayan civilization
Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood) is the son of tribal leader Flint Sky (Morris Birdyellowhead) and when their village is viciously attacked by the a raiding party under Zero Wolf (Raoul Trujillo), he witnesses his father’s murder
Jaguar Paw manages to make safe his wife and child in an underground pit with a lone vine for its escape route
He and the other men fight gamely but are brought to heel by Zero Wolf’s men
As the raiding party marches their prisoners off the escape vine is cut, trapping mother and child underground
The prisoners are taken to a sacrificial pyramid to prepare for a solar eclipse at which many of them will be brutally and gruesomely dissected
The remaining few (including Jaguar Paw) are let loose in a wide field for sport – Zero Wolf’s men raining spears, stones and arrows on them
Jaguar Paw negotiates the suicidal run and, though injured, bypasses a raider ‘finisher’, Zero Wolf’s son, Cut Rock, by killing him
An enraged Zero Wolf pursues Jaguar Paw into the jungle with his fellow raiders
Can Jaguar Paw reach his dying family before the murderous Zero Wolf reaches him?

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Condition = Used
Grade = C
A few minor marks / scratches on the disc
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