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Talking cars rediscover the quirky originality of middle America in this inventive animated film from the folks at Pixar (Toy Story, Finding Nemo)
Owen Wilson is the voice of arrogant rookie race car Lightning McQueen, who winds up stranded in the small desert town of Radiator Springs on his way west to a big end of season race
Sentenced to community service after literally tearing up the road in a high-speed chase, at first all Lightning can think of is getting back to the world of corporate sponsorship and merchandising tie-ins he loves so much
Eventually, however, the eccentric residents of Radiator Springs begin to grow on him, especially the attractive lady Porsche lawyer (Bonnie Hunt) and a rusty old tow-truck (Larry the Cable Guy)
There’s also a hippie Volkswagen (George Carlin), a low-riding T-bird (Cheech Marin) and Paul Newman as the gruff, curmudgeonly Doc Hudson, the town judge who harbours his own checkered-flag past
The story may not be new, but Pixar’s precision-engineered animation brilliantly illuminates the town and its surrounding cactus-studded vistas down to the minutest detail, and director/writer John Lasseter keeps the film’s satiric wit and generous heart in perfect alignment
Adults in the audience should appreciate the film’s celebration of old-school American eccentricity, while the kids will enjoy the thunderous grit and high-octane wheel burning

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