Edison (2007) DVD PAL Region 2 (Rental Copy) New Sealed


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Thriller starring Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey
Corruption is the law of the land in the American every-town of Edison, and the only soul brave enough to peer into the fire and face the wrath of an entire squad of corrupt cops is a fresh-faced journalist, Joshua Pollack (Justin Timberlake)
However, when Pollack misjudges the depth of the authoritative decay and his girlfriend is hospitalised following a brutal attack by the alliance of crooked cops known as F.R.A.T., he soon decides to take action and prove that even those who believe themselves to be above the law still aren’t beyond its reach

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Condition = Brand New Sealed
Grade = Brand New Sealed
Please Note: This is a Brand New Sealed Ex Rental Copy of the film and the only available Spoken Language / Subtitles is English


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