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Triple bill of gangster movies

Tom Hanks stars in ‘The Road to Perdition’ (2002), which is set in the American Midwest during the 1930s
Twelve-year-old Michael Sullivan Jr is curious about what his father (Hanks) does for a living, and one night decides to hide in his car as he goes off to work
It soon transpires that the elder Sullivan is a hitman for the mob, and when young Michael witnesses a killing carried out by the gangster boss’ son Connor (Daniel Craig), it starts off a chain of events which will mark Michael’s life forever
The film co-stars Paul Newman and Jude Law, and is directed by Sam Mendes (‘American Beauty’)

‘Miller’s Crossing’ (1990) is a typically oddball take on the gangster movie from cult directors the Coen brothers
Crime boss Leo (Albert Finney) is asked to kill a chiseler who’s moving in on someone else’s action, only to discover that his target is the brother of his girlfriend
However, his girlfriend is two-timing Leo with his gambler friend Tom (Gabriel Byrne), who is also ordered to kill the chiseler after he joins a rival faction

In ‘The Funeral’ (1996), Mafioso brothers Ray (Christopher Walken) and Chez (Chris Penn) vow revenge on the suspected killer of their 22-year-old brother Johnny Tempo (Vincent Gallo): rival gang leader Gaspar Spoglia (Benicio Del Toro)
Family head Ray sets out to prove Spoglia’s guilt, whilst the emotionally disturbed Chez recalls his relationship with Johnny
The film is directed by the controversial Abel Ferrara

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