Zombies: A Living History (2012) DVD PAL Region 2 Used


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A fascinating look at a subject that refuses to die
Most people believe zombies are a recent phenomenon that grew out of comic books, movies and TV
The truth is very different
This HISTORY special explores the real story of zombies beginning at the dawn of civilisation and continuing right through to today
The first written reference to zombies can be found in the Epic of Gilgamesh, mankind s oldest work of literature
A look at both the old and new testaments of The Bible reveal numerous stores of the undead
We ll detail how Europe s Black Plague became one of the most prolific periods for myths and legends about zombies and find out why Viking legends believed zombies were nearly indestructible, except by decapitation or immolation
Examine other zombie legends from around the world, including secret stories of China s Terra Cotta Warriors and the voodoo rituals of Haiti
See how modern science added a whole new twist on zombies beginning with Mary Shelley s Frankenstein

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