Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Game For Microsoft Xbox Used


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Item Features
A new echelon of stealth action
New moves: Diving somersault, ledge hang, pipe climb, peek around corners and shoot, drop attack, drag and hide bodies
Use gadgets: Sticky camera, laser microphones, fibre optic camera, PDA…
Pick up and use any small object in the environment, shoot any light and take advantage of shadows
Techno-thriller story, geopolitical tensions, pulse-pounding action at global scale
14 missions through 4 countries
Infiltrate high-security strongholds (including CIA headquarters)
For Microsoft Xbox Original

Item Accessories
Case, Cover (NO Instructions)

Item Condition
Condition = Used
Grade = C
A few marks / scratches on the disc
The case / cover shows signs of use
Fully tested and working


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