BT Broadband 3x ADSL2/2+ Microfilters Used


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Item Features
A device plugged into a phone socket to separate the phone line from the broadband line
A Microfilter has a standard BS 6312 BT phone connector to plug into your phone socket
A Microfilter has and RJ11 socket for the Broadband line and a BS 6312 BT phone socket for the phone line
If you have more than one phone socket in your house then you will need a Microfilter for each phone socket (Up to 4 sockets maximum)
If you have Fibre (VDSL) Broadband then you will not need a Microfilter, it is already built into the Master Socket (Type 5: SSFP Infinity)

You will receive 3X ADSL / ADSL2 / ADSL2+ Microfilters
Items are for use with a BT style phone / broadband connection

Item Condition
Condition = Used
Grade = A
All products were loose items / surplus stock leftover from Modem / Router Installations
All Products have been Cleaned and Re-Packaged
(Please note: The pictures are for illustration purposes only)
(Please note: Microfilter Colour / Design will vary depending on what we have in stock)


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