The Evil Inside / The Corridor / State Of Emergency Triple DVD PAL Region 2 Used


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Collection of three horror films

In ‘The Evil Inside’ (2011), when Sarah (Hannah Ward) has visions of her friends’ deaths and they begin to turn against each other, she must find out whether these visions can be prevented from happening in reality

In ‘The Corridor’ (2010), a group of friends travel to a remote country house in an attempt to rebuild their relationships which suffered when one of them had a nervous breakdown
As their weekend passes, they come across a mysterious supernatural hallway in the woods and all of them spend time in it for the feeling of euphoria it seems to bring, but it soon transpires that the corridor is also beginning to play with their sanity…

In ‘State of Emergency’ (2011), a chemical facility situated in a small town blows up, emitting a deadly gas which turns the residents into bloodthirsty zombies
Jay Hayden plays Jim, one of the only survivors struggling to battle the hungry threat in the quarantined area while trying to find a means of escape

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Item Condition
Condition = Used
Grade = B
A few minor marks / scratches on the discs (x3 Discs)
The case / cover shows signs of use


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