What’s The Worst That Could Happen? (2001) DVD PAL Region 2 Used


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What’s the worst that could happen?
Probably being forced to watch What’s the Worst That Could Happen? from start to finish without a pause button: it’s more lame than a three-legged dog
The plot is straightforward enough: two men, each as crooked as the other, come into conflict when petty thief Kevin Caffrey (Martin Lawrence) breaks into the apparently unoccupied beach house of wealthy and unscrupulous businessman Max Fairbanks (Danny DeVito)
The house turns out not to be empty: Fairbanks calls the cops, claims that Caffrey has stolen his ring and coolly claims it back in front of his uniformed audience
It’s a ring that Caffrey values because it has just been given to him by his new girlfriend Amber (Carmen Ejogo)
He’s so desperate to get it back that he hounds Fairbanks through the rest of the film, breaking into various Fairbanks properties as he goes

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Condition = Used
Grade = C
A few marks / scratches on the disc
The case / cover shows signs of use


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